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Financial Slave

Galas Looner -

Hello my sweet slave. I am your Princess Gwen. Speaking of beautiful, did you take a look at me yet. God, does black look good on me. Well, everything does really.

Jen Capone -

Jen Capone is a secretary at the clinic, but she won’t be for long.

She went through her boss’s files and found out that she was she clients outside of the office. Jen went through the files and got all of the client information and began contacting them to set up appointments of her own…

Katie the Brat is in the House.

Hello and welcome to your first appointment with me. I hate that I have to explain ground rules that should be obvious but I guess I have to. OK.

Rule #1 – You are a loser. You must accept that because all of your problems center around that.

Katie Cummings -

Katie Cummings works at the clinic. No, she’s not a Doctor or a therapist… She’s a secretary, but she’s smart enough and sneaky enough to plan a way to make a lot of money. She snuck into her boss Megan’s computer…

Katie Anderson - iwantallofyourmoney.c

You give to Me. That’s my concept of Holiday Giving. You give me what I ask for and your holidays will be great. If you don’t, I promise you a miserable 2011 and beyond. One of my lucky slaves actually got to see my natural D-Cup breasts last week…

Katie Anderson -

Their Boss is now Your Boss.
Katie Anderson runs the well-known clinic that caters to men with real problems. She has become aware that a number of the people working outside of the clinic are taking their talents online and Katie is not going to miss out on the opportunity.

Megan Jones -

You Want My Attention.
You want to gawk at me and fool yourself into thinking that one day you will have a chance. I’m more than happy to let you continue your silly fantasy….

Megan Jones -

Lucky you. You are meeting for the first time with Megan Jones.
Megan is a therapist at a very well-known clinic and she has agreed to meet with you based on your special problems…