An Office Visit with Megan Jones

Megan Jones -

 Lucky you. You are meeting for the first time with Megan Jones.

Megan is a therapist at a very well-known clinic and she has agreed to meet with you based on your special problems, you know you self-esteem issues, fear of hot, attractive sexy women and who better to you address these issues that a hot, attractive sexy woman. She agrees to meet you in the the lobby of her office as she gets ready to leave for a fun and exciting weekend.

 Megan believes that the truth will set you free so she tells you the truth about yourself and what you will need to work on and the ground rules you will need to follow if she is going to work with you.

1. You are a loser and you should be scared of an attractive woman.
2. You need my help desperately and are so fortunate that I am willing to help you.
3. Because you desperately need me, the most important thing in the world is to please me and that means provide for me graciously.
4. You can fantasize all you want but there is no chance in hell of you getting so much as a handshake from me.

Now, see how easy that is. Rules, restrictions and ridicule. Everything you need to get you excited. The Doctor is in and your bill is running.

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