Let’s Make a Deal (or Let Me Rip You Off) – Door Number Three

Megan Jones - iwantallofyourmoney.com

Could this be the one?

Is this where Mistress Megan puts all of her beautiful body on display for her admiring slave. It might be. Behind Door Number Three is a clip of me. You have already seen that I have a beautiful, sexy body… The kind you can never see in person. But can you see it in this clip. You know the odds are against you because you’re a loser by nature… but… this could be your lucky day. Or, it could be like ever other day where you will just be teased and crushed. Either way, you win.

Behind Door Number Three, I could be lying on a bed, with no clothes on, with my big beautiful breasts and my phat Cuban ass on display. Could this be the clip where I will instruct you to pull out your little dick and jerk of to a countdown clock. The odds are one out of three. Do you feel lucky. Well do you.. Punk?

854×480 Quicktime, Windows Media and MP4 formats |Ā Price: $34.99 USD |Ā Length: 5 minutes

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