Let’s Begin Loser


Katie the Brat is in the House.

Hello and welcome to your first appointment with me. I hate that I have to explain ground rules that should be obvious but I guess I have to. OK.

Rule #1You are a loser. You must accept that because all of your problems center around that.

Rule #2 I am a GODDESS and am unattainable. That means you have no chance of getting anything from me. Nothing. NADA. But, I love my big tits and phat ass and I love showing them off, so I’m going to tease you with them until it makes you sick.

Rule #3I am the most important person in your life. I am a goal for you to reach for. You will learn all of the things you need to do to get a girl like me so you must come back again and again and again.

Rule #4The most important rule is I have to get paid. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but CASH is my BFF! I love gifts, I love shopping, I love being pampered. I love being spoiled. I love being a spoiled brat and I want you to spoil me. You must spoil me or I will put you on permanent ignore mode and instead of looking at my phat tits you can look at that Hefty Bag you call your woman.

Well, there you go. Now that we have that behind us, get ready to drool over my big tits and learn the concept of disappointment.


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