Blackmail for the White Male

Katie Anderson -

Miss Katie feels I’m being neglected and obviously you are not taking our “relationship” seriously.

I have dropped hints and subtle reminders, but to no avail. I can only guess that you are either too stupid to get it or you’re not taking me seriously. Either way, you need to learn a lesson. You have to pay to think of my sweet as or my big tits. You have to pay to gaze upon my beauty or to even hear my voice. It’s hard work making these videos for a loser like you and you should be showing more appreciation. So now I have to get your attention another way… BLACKMAIL.

That’s right, while I’ve been stewing in my frustration with you I have been itemizing all of my info on your sorry ass and thinking of how I can disrupt your life. The last guy I had to blackmail, well I just friended a friend of his on facebook and then I just spilled all of his dirty laundry telling everybody how he sits home at night jerking off to me. For you, however, I have something else in mind so you better pay attention now. Last chance to save your pathetic excuse of a reputation.

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