Here Comes the Brat

Jen Capone -

Jen Capone is a secretary at the clinic, but she won’t be for long.

She went through her boss’s files and found out that she was she clients outside of the office. Jen went through the files and got all of the client information and began contacting them to set up appointments of her own. She then made a copy of the key to the apartment that was being used for the video appointment and now she is ready to engage “one on one” with her patients.

“I’m a brat and now I want to be a spoiled brat. I’m Cuban with natural titties and a big butt. I’m gonna flirt with you and tease you and leave you with nothing but blue balls that a bigger than your dick… and I’m going to make you pay for the privilege. HaHaHa.”

“This is way better than working in that office, knowing that you are going to take care of me rather than have to work so hard. Now I can shop to find the sexiest clothes to torment you in, my little piggy slave. I want you to watch all of my videos, one by one so you can get totally frustrated. I want all of your money. It’s good to be a brat!”

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