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Katie Anderson -

Miss Katie feels I’m being neglected and obviously you are not taking our “relationship” seriously.

I have dropped hints and subtle reminders, but to no avail. I can only guess that you are either too stupid to get it or you’re not taking me seriously. Either way, you need to learn a lesson.

Katie Anderson - iwantallofyourmoney.c

You give to Me. That’s my concept of Holiday Giving. You give me what I ask for and your holidays will be great. If you don’t, I promise you a miserable 2011 and beyond. One of my lucky slaves actually got to see my natural D-Cup breasts last week…

Katie Anderson -

Their Boss is now Your Boss.
Katie Anderson runs the well-known clinic that caters to men with real problems. She has become aware that a number of the people working outside of the clinic are taking their talents online and Katie is not going to miss out on the opportunity.