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Ass Worship

Jen Capone -

One thing I hear all the time is that I have a great ass for my size.

My butt is deceptive. Because I’m so slim and sexy, most guys think I have a small butt, but it’s not…. It’s SuperPhat…

Katie Cummings -

When I Bend Over, It Makes You Smile

I know I know. I put a lot of pressure on you last time when I said never trust a big butt and a smile. I know that was too much to ask because I know my butt makes you happy.

Katie Cummings -

Yeah, like you really have a choice!

I’ve decided that I want you to worship my ass today. No, you’re not worthy but you’ll have to do. I need it worshipped because, well look at it. I have the Kingdom of Booty and just like any toad coming before a Queen in her kingdom, you need to kneel…