I’m Gonna Take All of Their Money

Katie Cummings - iwantallofyourmoney.com

 Katie Cummings works at the clinic.

No, she’s not a Doctor or a therapist… She’s a secretary, but she’s smart enough and sneaky enough to plan a way to make a lot of money. She snuck into her boss Megan’s computer and found out about Megan’s outside appointments. Now she’s gone through the list of the clinic’s clients and is ready to contact them to set out outsside appointments of her own. She even had the nerve to duplicate the key to the room Megan uses to film her sessions.

This girl has no fear and no shame. What she does have is an angelic smile to go along with her HUGE natural breasts and equally ample ass.

In this clip she is talking to a friend, revealing her plans.

854×480 Quicktime, Windows Media and MP4 formats | Price: $9.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes

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